so I waited at advance auto for 20 minutes to buy a can of seafoam. 2 clerks, one who looked like she didn't know the difference between a water pump and an engine block. The other disappeared in the back for who knows how long. I was 5th in line.

First guy wanted to pay for his order with a half dozen different promo codes and split payment amongst cards and cash. Next guy just wanted to buy something but the guy after him wanted some cleaning promo (soap, wax, cleaner). He just handed her the sales paper! Sales clerk went and had to pick out all the items rather than this asshole getting them himself. No, I'm going to wait in line for 10 minutes then let the clerk for find the items I could have already collected but no I want to make everyone else wake because I'm a lazy bastard.

Next guy buys something. Then guess what?! Someone else wants to buy some promo items from the sales paper and the sales clerk dispears to track them down. Other sales clerk is still struggling with the computer system trying to figure out if the customers vehicle with a 1.7 will take the same battery that the similar vehicle with a 1.9 will.

Thankfully I got my purchase in before she said she needs to go do a battery install. Quite frankly I doubt she would be capable of lifting a battery, nevermind installing one or knowing that the battery doesn't belong in the glove box.

Seriously Advance Auto, you lost a customer today. Your lazy ass customers didn't help but the fact that your associates couldn't delegate or handle a line of more than 2 people has cost you a customer.