Advantages of a manual gearbox

Suppose you find yourself parked outside a bar in rural France in your tired Peugeot 205, having discovered that it has no lights-on warning and that having forgotten les feux you now have a flat battery? Fear not, you have a manual car.

Step 1: return to bar, identify elements of the Auxiliary Starting System (ASS), to be seen propping up said bar. Select likely looking elements.


Step 2: attach ASS to, er, ass end of car

Step 3: turn ignition on, select second, haul out choke, press clutch

Step 4: engage ASS (conveniently voice-activated)

Step 5: wait for ASS to achieve maximum performance

Step 6: engage clutch, accelerate. Car starts, ASS automatically disengages and returns to bar storage area


Step 7: drive home


Step 7a: put back choke too early, stall engine going downhill

Step 7b: haul choke out again, engage Gravity Operated Auxiliary Starting System

Step 7c: drive home

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