So, large portions of the adventure motorcycle world are furious right now. This past week, A Story Worth Living, a movie (*allegedly*) about a group of guys going on a motorcycle tour in the San Juan mountains of Colorado, had it’s debut. (trailer below) It was a one-night only showing in select theaters across the Country.

In all the adventure bike forums, big groups of riders formed to go check it out en mass since it was only showing for that one night.

I didn’t care to see it, because watching the trailer, they all seem like a bunch of pathetic bitches. “Can we get off this mountain??” Yes, dumbass, you can- just put it in neutral and roll it downhill... And being that the San Juan mountains are my old stomping grounds, and I’m kind of a hater...(especially on newbs wearing $1000 matching klim outfits with identical beemer 800's)

But anyway.. so all sorts of riders went to see the flick together- and surprise! It was barely about motorcycling! Apparently, barely a tenth was devoted to riding motos in the mountains.

The other 90%? Devoted to evangelicalism! Apparently the lion’s share of the flick was just these guys sitting around camp talking about being a man and coming to the jebus!! But zero mention of this fact in the trailer. It was a total bait and switch. There’s even a 700 Club interview with the guy that made the movie, and he explains how his intent was to use the guise of adventure moto’ing to introduce non-religious motorcyclist to his new-age preaching.....


So yeah, people are pissed and feel ripped-off. To the degree that the guys who made the film actually put up a open letter apologizing for misleading everyone and offering refunds...

And the memes have already started...


So anyway, pretty funny stuff... For extra humor check out this forum— See where it starts with everyone being all “Yeah! Let’s meet up and go together” until halfway through the second page, where everyone was “WTF was that?!!!!