Like any Opponaunt, when I’m driving, I scan my environment for neat automobiles. Sometimes they are very easy to spot, while others are very sneaky. But every once an a while, fate decides to make life easy for you, and gives you something you can’t possibly miss. In this case, fate dropped a Mercedes Unimog Exploration and Zombie Survival Utility Vehicle™ right in front of me. I may have used the word “badass” to describe other cars I’ve spotted in the past. Please disregard all those. They pale in comparison to the badassery that is the overlanding Unimog. This car is more badass even on a Whole Foods run than you will ever hope to be, so stop trying. Also, I’m in Nebraska. This thing has Ontario plates on the back, and German plates on the front. Either way, I think it’s safe to wager that this rig has been everywhere.