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Adventures in AliExpress

Right, then...

I happened upon a video review of an inexpensive wooden bench plane that can be bought off of AliExpress. It was $25, and the review was positive so I thought “why not?” Two Lil’ Sumpin’s got me saying “what else they got on there?” So, I found a sharpening jig, a dowel jig, F clamps and a small hand plane. I think everything was under $50.


Now...the bar is low, here. I’m experienced with harbor freight stuff and don’t have expectations of high quality or premium design. But...I see this as an experiment. Yes top of the line tools are sure fire, but when is good enough good enough? I’m a hobbyist woodworker, and while I don’t mind spending money, I’m weary of the normal expensive = good/cheap = bad mindset. Of course once I get these (in a month, I’m told...this is not Amazon) I’ll post my thoughts.

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