It’s the little things. Today I was feeling a bit cheeky, so I took it for a quick trip to subway. Small victory, it made it! It legitimately drives shockingly well, with the exception of the clutch and brakes feeling a bit odd, still trying to get the clutch adjusted and the brakes properly bled.

Upon restarting the engine (It cranks so sweet, barely bump the starter and it fires right up, no choke!) the charging light did not turn off. The gauge showed a flat 12 volts, so it seems I’m getting no charge. I booger rigged this with a ford regulator, because I have the less common externally regulated alternator. Rather than dink with the wiring to rig it back up, I’m just gonna go buy a cheap internally regulated aftermarket alternator and keep the externally regulated one in the parts bin.


It of course marked it’s territory... Leaving oil splotches here and there. I’m going to diagnose where its coming form, but i suspect the case halves. I’d rather NOT take it back apart for now, maybe a winter project...

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