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Adventures In Baking with Bman76

This has gone somewhat well, considering...

I looked at the instructions on the box and said “nah, that can all be substituted by diet Coke”. It immediately went rather wrong when it started out looking like some scary toxic red goo:


After 20 minutes in the oven the appearance had improved, but still looked fairly alarming in direct light:

Yeah, I made a little too much batter but at least I thought to put a cookie sheet under the pan.

In some softer light they look a little more edible, and edible they are.


So now I’m enjoying a cupcake and watching Frontline, because Frontline is amazing. I just watched “Terror In Europe” and I’m 90% through “Growing Up Trans” which is brutal and amazing. I’m probably going to watch another episode, because Frontline is so good.

Sensible economy car for your time:


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