I’ve successfully sold a vehicle on Craigslist without being murdered. Here’s how!

Step 1: Meet your customer right outside the police department’s parking garage.

Step 2: Have a job that requires you to wear a police radio and turn that sucker on so they can hear it.

Step 3: Proceed as you usually would.

So what actually happened is that I had the kid who wanted the Civic to meet me before work. We met outside said garage, and we went for a ride in the car. After we agreed upon a price, we came back to the garage so I could empty the contents of my car into my work vehicle.

The part I wasn’t quite prepared for was that they didn’t bring plates, so they wanted me to follow them home, pull the plates, and he would give me a ride back. Normally I’d have an issue with that, but I had the radio on, so whatever.


Deal went about as smoothly as you could hope for, honestly. They paid cash, drove me back here, even gave me a bottle of water. So now the Civic is officially gone and I’m making plans to go get the ‘08 P71 I wrote about last night on Saturday morning. I'm extremely excited...buying cars is pretty much my favorite thing to do, and I like this car a lot. Look for an Opposite Lock review sometime in the coming weeks.