Okay, so first, my car’s cousin was parked next to it. I assume that this was not a car nut who liked the association - after all, what Audi owner would want to associate with such a plebeian brand as VW,

Time to wash the car, I know, I know.

Second, someone had a post about grocery bag hooks a bit ago. This is my first car with them, and they are great. Especially when I want to hoon on the way home.

Third, I saw this car and thought, “Someone really wanted a WRX, but settled for an S4.”


Looks good, heard it start up later as I came back, sounded great, too.

Can anyone tell me what a green S4 badge means by contrast with a red S4 badge? Was this a special Audi package, or simply the owner going for a different color scheme along with the brake calipers?