Adventures in shopping, southern Illinois edition

After picking up a nifty $20 computer (Asus eee somethingoranother) I stopped at a Walmart in the middle of nowhere. After shopping at Costco and Target over the last couple of days it was slightly different experience:

1) Automatic flusher on the urinal not working and no manual override. It felt like an old truck stop with the smell and the flies


2) Some guy talking about a friend’s ‘61 Mustang. Inline 6 with a racing cam, good for 217 MPH. I was about to bust out in laughter but decided to leave the area before embarrassing myself. So many things with this vehicle description, and I had to stop myself from butting in and making corrections.

3) Found a 12V LED bulb in the clearance section. Multiple pieces, some priced at $4 and some at $1.50. I used the price scanner (with a beeper so loud my ears were ringing) and it came up as $2. I grabbed the two that were marked $1.50, and when I checked out they rang up as $1. Different computer systems? Why would the price be different?

4) Tried to grab a $5 32GB USB stick. I thought I found them in the electronics section but they were locked up. A clerk thought that those weren’t the ones on sale; there wasn’t a SKU in the flyer so it was hard to tell. She went to ask a co-worker for help and they told her they were actually by the entry to the store in the grocery department. Huh? I reluctantly went over there, and of course they weren’t there. When I came back I spoke to someone even more clueless. He pointed to an area where the Black Friday merchandise was, but wouldn’t assist me to find what I was looking for. I asked if I was on my own at this point and he did say that yeah, I was. He’s got a great future working a customer service phone line somewhere.

5) I did find some cool Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. Those will be shared in a later post.


Well, the prices are relatively cheap, but you get what you pay for...

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