In the weeks since I last spoke of the white whale sitting on my driveway, I’ve patched the failed brake booster hose so it idles reasonably well and I’ve shined up the glass and more of the engine bay (this is an old photo).

There’s still much work to be done. The oil leak has gone from a sustained leak to a mild drip from what I suspect is the oil drain hose to the block based on location. Oh well! Progress is still progress. Guess it’s time I buy that impact driver from Harbor Freight to do some of the harder tasks.


In other news, I got the title for the car and I didn’t have to smog it...I just had to declare it “non-operational” when the smog ran out. The process is much like your usual private-party sale except my car still had some smog left. I waited until the smog was about out to file PNO and that “completed” the title-transfer process. Now, we’ll find out if everything’s going to be fine and dandy once I get through the smog process...

Fun fact: this isn’t supposed to be a hard line. The other section snapped off as I removed it.

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