I was going to work this morning in the Mazda with Blizzaks and had to stop at the end of my driveway due to a car coming down the hill (Subaru Outback). I got high centered and couldn’t move forward. So I backed up. My rear tires got caught in a rut and pulled the rear of the car into a snow bank.

Stuck in a snow bank

15 minutes later I had it dug out and a little back and forth I got it unstuck. I had to back it down the driveway and then put it back into the garage.

Trusty rusty Isuzu

I then attached the battery cable and bungied down the hood on the Isuzu and fired her up. Got out no problem. It’s just a pain in the ass to have to disconnect the battery every time I drive it. I will track down the current drain eventually but I have other things to do like write this post.