Adventures of Jolene.

Jolene the Sunbird woke up today and got a new valve (cam) cover gasket, a new air filter, and a new amplifier for the factory radio.

The radio now operates all four speakers and doesn’t make snap, crackle, and pop noises constantly. Before, with the bad amp, I had to have it turned up all the way to even hear it and then, only two or three of the four speakers worked. The amp I got from eBay and it came out of a late-‘80s Chevy truck. Same partnumber, though.

I took her for a 10-15 mile drive and didn’t have any burning oil smell and enjoyed a nice sounding radio. “Nice”, for being a 29-year-old cheap Delco system, I mean.


The old valve cover gasket was barely on there hand tight and had been reused. As a result, oil was splashing out almost freely and dripping down and being burned off, creating a wonderful occasional odor.

56,900 miles now.


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