The good, the bad, and the expensive.

Although Fox body Mustangs are slowly rising in value, you can still pick up a relatively clean one for a decent price. Cheap, manual, rear wheel drive, V8. What could be better, right? Those were my thoughts exactly as I handed over $3800 of my hard earned cash and became the new owner of a 1990 Mustang GT. I’ve owned the car for a little over a month now and you know how many days its been running and driving?



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The first of many breakdowns.

The first day that it was legally registered and tagged, I set out to send some rubber to tire heaven and let the bald eagles fly. Instead of converting more of my already worn out all-seasons to vapor, the Mustang promptly ran out of gas and died. I blame myself for this one, since I should’ve guessed that a 27 year old fuel gauge probably wasn’t too accurate.


After getting a ride to the gas station, I went back with a jerry can to fill her up with more freedom juice. I hopped in to fire her up. Click. Nothing. No big deal, I thought, maybe I ran the battery down from trying to crank it so much.

My girlfriend came to the rescue and I jumped the Mustang. Success! She fired right up. Girlfriend leaves and I’m off to continue my tire slaying mission. I immediately notice that the Mustang now drives like complete crap. It felt like it had less horsepower than a Miata running on two cylinders. Luckily, I was right near the shop I work at so I just left it in the parking lot and caught a ride home.


Saddened that my car would no longer leave 11s, I did some research. I came to the conclusion that the fuel pump may have sucked up some rust from the bottom of the tank. Since the previous owner had included a spare pump with the car, I decided to go ahead and put it in with the hope that it would solve my problem. The next day I limped the car into the shop and with the help of my techs friends, I managed to drop the gas tank without blowing anything up. New fuel pump goes in, tank goes back up, and its ready to go. I fire it up, excited that the Stang would live once again in all its glory.

Becoming more of a natural habitat


As you might be able to guess, the new fuel pump did absolutely nothing to solve the Mustang’s problem; but I did learn how it feels to have gasoline in your hair. So there’s that.

Will the Fox body ever live again, or did I kill it for good? We wait until the next paycheck to continue throwing money at it to find out. Stay tuned to RightFootDown for more!