Adventures on two Wheels, Continued

My “Summer on Two” is going spectacular! I’ve retired all cars from daily driver duty. The smarts only move when I need to carry Madame DeLorean or to tow a trailer. I’m also preparing to ride through the winter, too.

The Blast is fun as ever. I recently found its top speed to be give or take 98-100mph and so long as I make myself relatively aerodynamic, it’ll pull pretty well up to that speed. Some random pics from my camera roll:


The Rebel is my grocery getter and local area cruiser. It’s a fun little bike, though I wouldn’t mind trading up for something larger with the same classic look.


That pile of bedding made this:


I haven’t gotten to work on the Chuckus yet. The current plan is (in order):


1) Get it running (battery, carb, stabilized petrol).

2) Fix the rust.

3) Replace all of the indicator light housings (broken).

4) Get an engine cover.

5) New handlebars (Pro Tapers??)

6) New brake levers (they’re extremely worn).

7) New seat/seat cover (in a fun colour like pink).

8) Plasti-Dip the wheels to match the seat.

9) RGB lighting.

The hardest part will be convincing myself to Gamble the finished product! Imperator Slowiosa has been sold to another Chinese bike enthusiast for more than I paid for it. That means I’m back down to just three, whew. I’m now deciding which bike will be the one to get salted up in the winter. I may pick up another dirt cheap Chinese scooter to handle that job.


Between the Blast and the Rebel I’ve ridden just under 2k miles so far with the most miles in one day being 300 on the Blast. :) Getting into motorcycles is still one of the best decisions I’ve made in a very long time.

Random image: This is my favourite decoration at home.

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