What’s great about my drive to work is that is almost void of stop-and-go traffic, but that doesn’t mean it’s not eventful.

I’ve come to realize that traffic would be cut by at least 10% here if people would keep their eyes on the stoplight instead of their phones.

Then there was the gold Accord (a car, not some pact between nations regarding precious metals) that ran EVERY stop sign in a neighborhood. No pause, no “California stop”, just “the car in front of me went, so I will press the accelerator pedal until the next time the car in front of me stops”. I hate SOBs that do that.

Then there was my imaginary contest with the Infiniti SUV. The driver did nothing wrong, but still, I viewed him as an aggressive driver. I came to my senses about a mile down the road , realizing that I was being way too sensitive regarding Japanese-made cars, probably due to the aforementioned Accord.


And then, AND THEN, a white Infiniti G37/Q50/whatever the hell they’re calling the car this week swerved into the lane that I was merging into, causing me to whip back into my previous lane and slam on the brakes. At first, I wondered, “Did I screw up? Did I just not see him? Did I check my blind spots properly?” Yes, I had done everything right, and his assholishness was confirmed moments later when he accelerated to about 70 mph (in a 50), cutting people off like he was in a NASCAR race. Gotta jockey for position to win!!

Maybe I was being too touchy. Maybe everyone else was driving properly, and I was being the turd bucket (no). Or MAYBE, a short commute can be turned to an aggravating event by just a handful of dickwads who just don’t GAF.


This is why I cannot own a truck with a large brushguard. My insurance premiums would be through the roof after tapping these people.