Headed to KC on I-35. Jump into the left lane to pass a semi.

Get past it and there’s a blue explorer driving about 72 in the left lane.

Which I don’t realize is a Trooper until I’m right up on him, because they’re all stealth assholes now.

(Speed limit is 75)

He starts slowing down rapidly, so I do too, then I jump over into the right lane.


At which point he flips on his lights and pulls me over.

And proceeds to lecture me about how the left lane is for passing and he’s using it to patrol oncoming traffic and that I’m being unsafe by tailgating him.


“and it’s not like you’re gonna pass a trooper” Which is some ballsy bullshit to say.

Officially I got a warning for “improper use of the center lane” because there’s legally nothing wrong with what I was doing.


So, yeah... I got yelled at for being in the passing lane by a State Trooper who was camping in the passing lane.

I’m probably gonna go ahead and file a complaint with the State, because this was some entitled bullshit.


So, in the immortal words of NWA, “Fuck the Police”.