Some guy who used to bully me online found me through a shared post by a mutual friend and decided to be a transphobic bigot (For context, it was a picture of my wheel prepped for paint. The only thing he could possibly be referring to is my new name).

Said “friend” just laugh reacted to his comment instead of defending me. I get that he’s in an awkward position, but I kind of feel like he’s just throwing me under the bus because he values the asshole over me. Should I just unfriend him, or try to talk to him about it? Or just let it go? I couldn’t care less what the asshole says because I know he’s just a pathetic loser with no life, but that means that my “friend” would prefer to laugh along with a pathetic loser at my expense than call him out on this. I feel betrayed, you know?


And if there was any doubt:

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