Advice for a new GTI owner please.

And some VW porn for your troubles.

I have a few questions. I have just purchased a 2013 VW GTI Wolfsburg, black on black. I love it; it's amazing. But I have some questions.


Firstly, what are some good winter wheels/steelies that won't feel like shit? What are good winter tires? What sort of protective equipment/solutions should I use for winter? Also, it came with Pirelli P-Zero Nero tires - are these pretty decent, or should I look for something else when the time comes?

Also, any general advice on the GTI? Things to look for, useful modifications or accessories? I am looking for a roof-mounted bike rack at some point for my wife and I, but it's not a terribly high priority.

I would also like to get a dashcam at some point, and I want to get some good cleaning products because I have no garage or car cover right now.

Thanks in advance, gents.

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