I’ve been going headstrong into a bunch of house fixes lately, and eventually it’s gonna be this guys turn. What you see here is the metal side panel next to the front door. The outside has already been fixed by gramps, who’s now in Florida enjoying whatever they enjoy [probably hurricanes]. So it’s up to me to fix the inside part.

Now, what gramps did, which I plan to imitate, is take a wire brush to it to scrap off the excess pieces, and then apply bondo (with the hardening agent, or whatever it’s called), and apply it to the ‘wound’. I understand there’s a time limit until it hardens, so I’m trying to be prepared with a plan of attack.


So...anything I need to know, or advice you’d like to give me? I’ve never done bondo before, so it’s all new to me. I watched a few videos online and have a rough idea, and I have all the necessary tools (x2 putty knives, cardboard to mix bondo on, towel to clean knives, etc) and the materials (bondo, hardening agent). Am I missing anything? Any tips or tricks? Anything can and will be helpful!

Here’s another pic, farther away.

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