Advice for Driving in Australia

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So I am going to Australia later this year for two weeks of vacation. One of the plans is to drive the Pacific coast from Sydney to Brisbane and make stops along the way for a week. I am hoping that I can get a Holden Commodore (V6 rental special) for the trip, no guarantee’s of course but the hope is strong as Hertz has a lot of them at the airport location.


So here is the question to Oppo, any tips for driving in Australia? Given my route anything I just have to stop at? What do I need to look out for, other than kangaroo’s, while out on the roads? I am going to study traffic laws in Australia and the “territories” I will be visiting right before we leave. Does anyone have any tips on ensuring I get a Commodore for rental? Also is this even the best choice of car? I just want something super ‘Stralia for the trip but an SUV could be a better choice.

Thanks in advance Opponauts!

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