So I have the same problem everyone else here (I assume) has. My garage is too damn small. Mostly what needs to come out of the garage is random yard equipment and tools that get seldom used, etc, etc. SO Shed!!!

Except I have the space so I am thinking more along the lines of oversized shed to hold tools and maybe a car and some motorcycles.

So heres the thing. I don’t want to look in my back yard and have my main view be a big ass shed. I have 2 possible locations.


(My house is the one with the pool) While the image looks flat the yard is a bit hilly. this is part of my conundrum.

Option 1:

I can do the left corner under the big oak. I like this idea because that tree is 1) in my yard, and 2 huge, so it already would distract from a large shed. I can easily do a 20x20 shed with an offset door. This would be nice as I could put one car straight in and the other side for storage, with a straight shot to the fence gate for the driveway.


The part that is not so good, that corner of the yard slopes down about 4 ft over the 20ft run.

I can’t bring in more dirt, it would just wash out and/or take out the back fence. So a slab is out. I would have to anchor in some posts, but making this strong enough to support the weight of a car and motorcycles, and tools... Im not too sure on.


Option 2:

This is the safer route. I can put a shed on the right side. I would have to remove the tree that is there and do some slight leveling, but I could slab it out and build on top of that.


My concern is that I would have to wide instead of long becasue of the hill in the back. I could a solid 15' length, but then to be able to store car / bikes / tools, would have to go 25-ish feet. The yard is about 85 feet wide, so thats 1/3 of my “view” gone. Plus I would have drive over, well, most of my yard to get things in and out. ( I guess I would fit in, it is Florida after all)

So anyone with professional structure building experience please provide some guidance. Its appreciated.

(P.S sorry if the pics are sideways, Kinja is being Kinja)