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Advice/info for the Houston auto show

Couple of things. At night they close half of I-10 West, out till Wilcrest. So try to avoid I-10 on the way out. Also there’s two sim racing things there. One is Hyundai’s, which is just GranTurismo whatever with a seat and pedals. The other one is Acuras, by the NSX, and it’s a VR thing. It looks awesome, but they closed it before I got a chance to go on it. The ride and drives are lame. All boring cars and you get to drive like 5mph. I wouldn’t waste your time. Although they might change up the cars on later days. The aftermarket area’s fairly lame too. There’s a lot of cool classics, but other than that it’s bro-dozers and murdered out Ferraris and shit. Although the stock exotics are in that direction too.

Wait till you see the brodozers. They’re hilarious.  

I’ll do the full post tonight and post it again tomarrow around noon, I guess. Since that’s a thing.


Here’s a small list of some cars I saw and took pictures of.

Lincoln Continental

Acura NSX

Lexus 500 whatever

Aston Martin, something new and grey

Couple of Hyundai/KIA concepts, and the stinger.

Audi A8L

Hilarious brodozers

Old Bugatti replica

Cobra replica/ and powertrain

plus other neat stuff.


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