I’m looking at a 240sx with an SR20DET swap - to purchase as a donor engine for my car. The goal is to buy the car, sell parts off of it, swap engine to my car (and other parts that aren’t junk), sell shell with my old engine and recoup my money. The problem, or rather the reason this is even viable, is that the car I’m looking at is not currently running. Here’s the info from the seller:

It ran when parked a year ago

It has good compression

No spark, no fuel

and the pictures of the car look like it’s sat outside for a while, it’s got substantial moss build up (this is the pacific northwest, not uncommon)

What sort of problems could cause a car to stop working after a year? Based on the condition of the car, it looks like maybe moisture played a part, how much does the compression of the cylinders tell me about the health of the motor?