Hey guys, I’ve talked about this a tad earlier this week, but I’m squarely at the “stressed out and need help” stage. So a few weeks ago was some sort of dragon-fly mating day, and they fucked all over my car. Must have been a great time judging by all the yellow residue it left.

Unfortunately, my work schedule precluded any chance at a good wash for a few days, and I think the heat also took it’s toll. I finally got a hand car wash ($20) done and it looked much better. But, there were still spots all over the hood, roof, and trunk that look like little residue spots. Not exactly 3D, not super visible except in the right light, but very obvious once you see them.

So, I bought a Meguiars Bug And Tar removal foam can ($5). I followed the instructions, used the right microfiber towels and such, and saw barely any improvement.

Fast forward to today, I got the exterior professionally detailed. Their package states a hand wash, undercarriage, exterior jams, clay bar, wax, wheel wash & tire shine... ($110). I pointed out the residue and told them that’s why I was there, and I thought the clay bar would be the trick. But, when I picked up the car they said they couldn’t get the spots out and I’d have to pay for the $210 specialty care package... but they had already finished this one. So now there’s a layer of wax over it all!


I don’t know what’s next. No matter what, I have to remove the wax that they just applied if I want to get at the residue.. should I try rubbing compound? A better bug & tar? Should I pay someone for “specialty care” buffing and such? Please help!

Honestly, I’m not trying to keep this car “show queen” clean, but this is unacceptable to have permanent spots like this on such a young car. I’ve spent a bunch already, and I’m sick of that, but I know what I was getting into with a Porsche.