Advice Needed for Auction

Here's a Veyron engine at night for your time (My own photo!). This one is owned by the owner of the Newport Beach, CA Ferrari dealership. Go figure.

I'm trying to figure out how one goes about buying a vehicle at a Copart auction. The car I want is a badly damaged BMW with a manual transmission similar to my own e39. I need a $1k automatic transmission repair right now, and if I can get this car for around $1500, I would be ecstatic! I could also use a lot of the interior on my car, and sell off stuff I don't need (body panels, radio, etc). But the big deal is the manual transmission; especially as the BMW autoboxes age they get far less reliable. The car I'm looking at should be mostly a straight swap from auto to manual, as it would bring with it the electronics and various bits necessary, with the exact same engine.


It's listed as a "pure sale" vehicle with a salvage title. The damage is extensive enough that I don't think it will be worth much to anyone except someone who wants to part it out. It does not appear to have been dressed up ("enhanced") for sale in any way. Current bidding is very low.

Here are my questions:

Is the bidding before the "sale date" (tomorrow) a pre-bid? In other words, will it go up for a live auction tomorrow?

It seems I need to get a broker as a private individual; it's not a "no license required" car. Any recommendations?

How should I go about getting it? I live in Southern CA, and the car is in the Bay area. Shipping estimated at ~$650. Should I just rent a U-haul and rush to pick it up this weekend? It's at least 7 hours (400+ miles) one way from me.


Anything else I should be aware of?

Thanks for your time!

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