Hey everyone on here, I don’t post much, but I really need help right now.

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I’m back for summer and ignoring the fact my insurance is ridiculously high for the two months my dad reinstated my car insurance, he’s sold both of our V6s and replaced it with a van that I can’t navigate even if I tried. So he handed me the keys to my mom’s 2003 GX470.

I’m trying to hypermile as best as I can in city driving since my parents don’t trust me on the freeway. I’m getting around 30 miles per 1/4 of a tank. (That’s right, real scientific things being done here.) That’s equivalent to 10 miles per gallon. (OH MY GOD I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT WAS THIS BAD UNTIL I DID THE MATH JUST NOW.)


I might take the freeway without my parents knowing tomorrow just to see if it helps. But any tips on how to save gas? Everywhere else I’ve been looking is saying like, it’s a damn truck, magic can only help so much with hypermiling the automotive equivalent of a solid lead brick.

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