Rally car for your time.

After eleven years and 180,000 miles our Grand Caravan is about to shart it's engine out its tailpipe. It's second engine. Our mechanic has told us we'd be idiots to fix it (which would mean replacing the engine again), so it's time for a new vehicle. And after three Caravans, two engines, one transmission, three A/C compressors, one computer, and one wiring harness, we're thinking its time for something a bit more reliable. Problem is we don't know which minivans are known for their reliability. So I turn to you, Oppo.

Here are the parameters: used, under $10,000 and the closer to $5,000 the better, must have three rows of seats that can either be folded flat or removed, must be able to fit a 4x8 sheet of plywood INSIDE (none of that "strap it to the roof" crap), must have an engine that won't gargle its pistons every 90k. Technically it doesn't have to be a minivan, but I doubt there are many SUVs within budget that fit our requirements. So what are our options, Oppo?

EDIT: additional notes/parameters. Ceiling must be high enough to fit tall flower arrangements. Flower baskets and vases will tip in the back from time to time, spilling dirt and water. Ideally we want another vehicle where that can be taken care of with a shrug and a wet/dry vac.