Advice Needed: Porsche Edition


Found this on the way to church this morning. $1200 dollars, non-running. The woman selling it is the owners mother and she has title and power of attorney. Apparently the son quote “Got into some trouble” and she doesn’t want the car around anymore. The last time the car was driven it was making a lot of noise and then when shut off wouldn’t start. Oil is low but no metal fragments, rust, or coolant in it. Coolant is clean. Engine bay looks relatively clean but not suspiciously so. No oil splattered all over. Battery is dead. No significant rust and interior is in typical worn 80's used car condition. Is buying this as a project a bad idea? Seems like it could be fun. Are parts expensive for these? Are they a hassle to work on or restore? How is the price? Paging Stef. Thanks.

P.S. Great! Accidental face reveal that I’m to lazy to crop out. Of course my mouth was open lol.

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