Update: So the car came out of limp mode and I was able to take it for a scan. Came back as error code 1056 - Control Motor Bank 1 Supply Voltage Input Too Low. Joy. Valvetronic motor I assume?

Original post: I go home for lunch and my car is working just fine. Get ready to leave and it goes into limp mode. It’s a 328i and it’s been rather difficult trying to find info since this seems to be more common for the 335i. I had to leave the car at home and catch a ride back to work. The other crappy part is I don’t have a scanner, so I am going to have to figure out a way to get it to Autozone. When it sits at idle the throttle fluctuates some and when I tried to move forward it won’t go above about 20 MPH. Any ideas what may could be the cause of this?