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Advice on Catalina Island Work truck.


First let me say I always like to check the site for some quick inspiration/escapism, especially on Mondays.


I work for a a non-profit in California called Guided Discoveries, we own and operate summer camps as well as outdoor educational programs that focus on hands on science and character building.

We have been around for over 40 years and served over 1.3 million kids all the while getting them outside and getting their hands dirty.

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Here is a picture one of our facilities to give an idea. Only accessable by water(obviously, and straight up the hillside via a very dusty and rough road)

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An idea of what we do with the kids.

As you may imagine, operations like this require pretty heavy logistics and one thing we are always looking for are new vehicles.


Currently, we are looking for some new work trucks. I have tracked down a few late model Dodge Dakotas that will probably be sold for a pretty low price from a government auction.

Does anyone have any experience with these Dakotas? Are they worth it from a reliability and capability standpoint?


One of our directors keeps pushing a Honda Ridgeline, the older one, I just don’t see how it will last on the road conditions we have out there.

Does anyone have any long term experience with fairly abusive offroad use of Ridgelines?


Thanks in advance for any advice. If there is another option that I am mission I would love to hear about it!


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