Advice, Oppo?

For fifteen minutes today, I was missing my wallet. It seems that I dropped it in the parking lot at Walmart (cue the jokes) . I got to church a few minutes later, and a few minutes after that, I realized that I didn’t have the wallet. Drove back to Walmart, checked the area where I had parked, no dice. Checked with customer service and they had it; someone had given it to the greeter likely not long after I had dropped it. Everything was present and intact: driver licence, carry licence, two debit cards, two credit cards, couple of membership cards, insurance cards, and three dollars. I know it was out of my possession for almost exactly 15 minutes, because I’d checked my watch leaving Walmart, and again when I’d returned.

Do I monitor my accounts and watch for suspicious activity, and pray for the best? Or do I cancel my credit and debit cards and spend the next week paying for everything with cash?


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