My new immobilizer and key set for the Vespa arrived.

My friend wants to do this repair for me - long story short, he could use a little cash. But his situation is such that I am not sure he can get to it, and I’m thinking of just going to the dealer. I don’t have the guts to try to drill the locks myself.


He is quite skilled, and really knows his way around old Toyotas. He was supposed to do some work on the Sunchaser “as soon as he makes room in the garage.”

I am not mad at all because I know he has a lot going on that is more important than my dumb vehicles. But the Sunchaser may end up done before his life settles down, and the Vespa may be going to the dealer. I’d rather pay a friend, but I need the work done. But I am feeling guilty about it.

What do you think?

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