Mrs. addiction got a little too friendly with a wall in her parking garage the other day. This has become a bit of a trend with her with her cars (but she usually favors steel or concrete poles), and considering this car has 140k miles on it, I’m really not interested in making another insurance claim and getting it fixed. However, it looks like the damage is a little deeper than just cosmetic (see the cracking on the inside of the door and the door sill on the rear body panel). The door closes just fine, but I don’t want any moisture getting inside - what would you use to fill & seal up these cracks? I really don’t care how it looks - it will only be visible with the door open and I just want it to last a couple years until we sell this car and find her next ride. Thanks.

Edit - this door and sill have been damaged similarly before (worse), so I believe the cracking is filler from the old repair. 


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