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Ok, let's get it out of the way right now. I am weird. OC, perfectionist, on and on. I live in central Cali-a veritable automotive wasteland. Plenty of old lowered Hondas and Acuras with fart pipes and raised pick-ups, Yee-Haw! Very little nice or cool. Anyway, it's time for the 10k service on my 2014 Prius 3. The in-town Toyota dealer isn't known for their good work and I am leary of taking my car there for service. Example, they don't use the specific Toyota tool to lift Priuses-they just crush the seam weld and go about their business. There are a couple other dealers within an hour's drive, but no 4-star service departments. The service is free, but I have considered going to an independent and paying for the service. Help?


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