advice solicited - metal

I have some thin sheet metal in the wiper box behind my firewall that I want to use as 2 of 3 points to mount a bracket and I need help deciding how much kill is enough and how much is overkill.

Here’s the bracket. its mounted on a hard point below, but will also hang on the sheet metal on the back of the bracket. this will hold what you see plus 3 relays and lots of wire.


its 16 gauge steel (the bracket) the sheet metal can’t be more than 22 gauge.

Current plan is to put a backing plate behind the sheet with captive nuts to hold the bracket...but...I need to figure out a way to hold the plate without welding. I was thinking epoxy or oversizing the plate and using self tapping screws just for plate location. you think it would be fine to just use self tapping screws (m6) to hold the bracket to the sheet metal? The idea is that this bracket will be going on and off a few times in its life, at least half a dozen for trimming, painting and wiring.


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