So here’s the dilemma. I have a 2004 Land Cruiser that I DD. It has about 196k miles and is a 10 footer appearance wise. People are generally surprised when I tell them how old it is. Few mods, TJM skids, Fox 2.0 shocks, 40mm spacer/T-bar crank.

Basically, I see a number of expenses coming in the near future including timing belt/waterpump, new tires, likely bushings, etc. These could easily surpass $2,000-2,500. Not to mention I get about 16-17 mpg on my commute at best.

The upside? Its completely paid off, super reliable, perfect for exploring national forest roads, and still has decent amenities. Not to mention its got great interior space and isn’t unwieldy in parking lots.

So that’s my dilemma. I usually don’t keep vehicles past 200k miles, and something made in the last 10 years with better MPG would be nice. So I can either repair my Cruiser and buy something to commute, or sell it for a more modern 4wd.