What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Ok, so here’s my conundrum, an old friend of mine, who is actually oldish (58?) and a bit of an old drunk has fallen out with his landlord, for whom he was working as a property manager in exchange for rent for the last three years. I won’t go into the history and I won’t take strong sides, but I will say I think the landlord is a dick, and that’s a major contributing factor in this.

Any way, my Old Friend is a decent human being, not a thief, not a shit-stirrer, but he has, shall we say, poor prospects. He has been a semi-professional ski-bum, a professional mechanic, (he still has most of his SnapOn tools), but he doesn’t want to “work for the man” and has too little energy and no resources left to start up his own business again... and he definitely has a toxic relationship with alcohol. I like the guy, like I said, he’s a decent human being, generally speaking...


I spent a month or so in 2008, after I lost my job, on his couch, (he was doing the mechanic gig then) and I feel I owe him at least the same consideration with his pending eviction (Landlord is actually shutting down all his rental properties for reasons most likely related to his wife, who is a whack job... It’s a weird situation...) and we have a spare room... but I DON’T want a permanent house guest. If Old Friend has a major character flaw aside from the alcoholism it’s that he’s lazy and good at “extending” his welcome... he’s a good sales-man when he puts his mind to it, especially when selling himself....


What do I do Oppo? Don’t want to put a friend out on the street (which is where he’ll probably go, as he has no savings, few possessions beyond his tools, which he has repeatedly refused to sell-and managed to find storage space for despite multiple moves and not working as a mechanic for the last 6 years- and no real job) But I don’t want a semi-permanent house guest either.


again; argh.


So, thanks to everyone with experience in this sort 9f situation for chiming in... It seems that I can delay my ultimate decision a little while as Landlord had previously given April 1 as the close of rental date, but gave insufficient notice, and/or Vermont tennant law makes it so an eviction takes 30+ days from date of notification... In any case Mrs. BoostAddict and I have decided we will offer time and assistance rather than a place to stay... As well as the storage of his tools at no cost to him... Will know more soon, probably, but thanks again for the input.

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