Edit: Again, fuck this car and fuck AutoZone too

Update: So I bought the new sensor and the connector won’t snap on it. It just stops without clicking. I figured that’d be good enough to run around town for a few days, so I start it (after clearing the code) and it’s still doing the same thing. Running so rich it won’t run. I tried checking the CEL to see if it’s still throwing the same code, but it’s not even doing the fucking diagnostic shit it’s suppose to. I can only assume the connector came off a car, so it’s OEM and probably not at fault. And the butt connectors are holding strong, so I’m sure there’s continuity across them.

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So last week I ordered a new coolant temp sensor and associated connector (long story short, the old one was borked.) So the connector came in Saturday and I put it on the car then. However the temp sensor (which I paid $8 for btw) is currently in Illinois still, according to the tracking thingy. A new sensor from AutoZone would be about $20 and I could put the new sensor in today.

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The estimated delivery for the sensor I already ordered is Wednesday. Initially I though that was conservative since the connector was estimated for Tuesday, but came in Saturday. However with it still being in IL I doubt I’ll get it before Wednesday.


So what should I do Oppo? Wait for the one I’ve already bought to come in, or go get one from AutoZone?

It doesn’t appear I can return the sensor either and if I could, I’d probably have to pay for shipping back so it which would be more than I payed for it probably.


Also; the car doesn’t currently run, because with out the temp it just runs the engine super rich and it dies.

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