Green pool noodles as the grill block and lawn edging as the air dam.

I don’t remember where I got the idea,but blocking off the grill for aero supposedly reduces drag. Also adding an air dam to the bottom of the bumper does something. Well being the cheap ass I am, and the car a metro who gives a crap what it looks like, as long as it works.

I never got above 48.8 MPG, mostly in the high 30's. I never really hypermilled consistently. I just drove and this thing kept going and going.


I tried different things,

Also removed one of the windshield wipers and rotates the arm on the wiper motor 90° so that it started at the top and wiped down and rested back up top


I even tried to tape all the gaps on the way home from out of town.

Superbad ? It was great while it lasted. I’m not actually driving it anymore and after the sale and the last road trip I’ll likely change my display name to something else.

Kinja or my tablet ate my last paragraph and put it in the caption for the photo above. Oops.

3 more days.

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