I know there are some smart folks on here that play Kerbal Space Program so I’ve got a question that hopefully someone can answer. This pertains to the new V1.0.X versions of KSP with the new aerodynamics model and is regarding aircraft yaw stability at low speeds.

I’ve got a space plane that flies nice out of the spaceport, easily achieves SSTO, and uses Mk 2 cockpit parts. It’s got a decent sized cargo bay on it so the fuselage in front of the CG is pretty long. I understand that the new aerodynamic model accounts for body lift now (yay!) and I can definitely tell when flying different types of aircraft.


The problem I have is when I come into land, I start to get a shitload of side-slip on the nose which causes yaw that’s hard to control. (I’m rolled slightly to one side for course adjustment and I’m trying to pitch a little.) In the real world, this should be pretty easy to account for with a combination of pitch and rudder as you try to make fine adjustments in landing but since I control aircraft with a keyboard, it’s not nearly as intuitive or easy.

My solution was to add a ventral fin from the nose to the forward landing gear. It’s basically a wing strake that’s vertical and shouldn’t add any lift unless I get side slip. Was this the proper way of helping myself? Is there something else going on that I’m unaware of? I think it might be possible that I’m stalling the body and loosing lift that way but it’s more like the nose slides off it’s vector than a stall.

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