(Originally written 1/20/2014)

Day 20 (736miles)

Good evening ladies and gentleman…ahhh…this is your…ahhh…captain speaking. If you look to the right side of the aircraft you will…ahhh….see a slippery slope with a…ahhh…930 owner on it. Have a safe flight folks, be thankful you're not that sorry bastard….

Dropped the 930 off at John Walkers this morning. I briefly wanted to sync on what was being done and re-iterate my biggest desire to work out the boost issue. Before I could get there Mr.Walker non-chalantly interjected with "you know I was thinking about this last night and I think I am just going to drop the motor".

Ladies and gentleman we have just lost cabin pressure.

In Porsche circles an engine drop seems to be a matter of convenience more than a consequence of "I can't do this with the engine in the car". Still for the uninitiated like myself the phrase "engine drop" is wince inducing. Not wanting to tell da Vinci who should sit where at supper I went along with a smile. I went on to work thinking that the 930 slope may be a bit slicker than it initially appeared, though not a huge surprise considering.


John called back at the end of the day with good/bad news depending on which side of my household you are on, Operations or Finance.

Exhaust Leak — Found 4 leaks at the header flanges, he trued up both banks and replaced all the gaskets.


Carbon Monoxide Cologne — Found a pin hole where the heater box covers are tacked to header, apparently a common issue with B&B headers. John peeled back the box and cleaned/welded up the hole. (huge win here if this fixes the smell w/o having to buy new headers).

Valve Adjustment — Majority of the valves were way too tight, one was loose.

Turbo Flange — Found a sizable exhaust leak on the turbine inlet and outlet, both resealed with new gaskets.


Plugs — Unsurprisingly all were very black, changing out for one heat range warmer.

Overboost Switch — The switch in the car looks new, will retest when the motor goes back in.


Turbo Oil Feed — Found this hose was leaking, not accessible with the motor in the car so this was a good catch and will get replaced.

Oil Return Line to Tank — This was also leaking and noted in the PPI, this is getting replaced.

Valve Covers — both cover will get cleaned up and resealed.


So that's where we are, John expects to have the motor ready to go back in tomorrow morning when the new oil lines and turbo gaskets show up. I asked if anything else looked suspect and he didn't seem to think so, specifically all the vacuum lines are in good condition. My years of CIS experience always make me eager to replaces all these at once whenever given the chance.

Perhaps it's because I affixed the supplemental oxygen mask to myself first but I am not panicked by this. Pretty excited to get the car back…could just be that pure oxygen though…

Thanks for flying Turbo 80's Air.

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