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Affordable Aircooled 911 Project: Head Studs

In this episode, I’m going to go over my engine, note everything I see wrong with it, and then check all the head studs to see if they’ve pulled out of the case. If they pulled out, things will get pretty expensive.


Join me as I stumble along rebuilding the drivetrain of my 77 Porsche 911S. To be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve never owned an aircooled car before this one, there’s a huge learning curve, and I’ve been avoiding this since I bought the car years ago. I can’t afford to pay 911 prices on things, so I’ll be doing as much of the work myself as possible. Although the car ran and drove okay, the amount of leaking, smoking, and general neglect of the drivetrain finally needs to be addressed.

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