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Affordable Aircooled 911 Project: I picked up a 70s Porsche 911 a few years ago for cheap, but I couldn't afford to fix it!

Hello fellow kids Gearheads,

How did I end up with a 911 I can’t afford to fix?

So here’s the story:

When I was a kid, my dad’s neighbor had this old 70s 911 that I always thought was awesome; I literally grew up next to this car. I had the opportunity to buy it 5-6 years ago, so I pulled the trigger. It had been sitting in a garage since 1992, but it was far from perfect. The brakes were seized/dragging from sitting, the paint and interior and weatherstripping were shot, the suspension was worn out, the brakes were seized, the transmission grinds, and the engine leaks a crazy amount of oil- like over a quart a week.


To be clear, I did negotiate a great deal since this was just before the giant explosion in 911 pricing. At the time, you could buy a decently put together non-stock midyear 911 for $12-15,000. However, that didn’t last, and the prices soon skyrocketed, and unfortunately that giant price increase affected used parts as well. Used 3.2L engines skyrocketed from $5-7,000 to $12-15,000. I can’t afford that, at all, my daily is a 20 year old honda lolz

I’m a firm believer that even super complex jobs are achievable for almost anyone if you break them up into small enough steps! I’m just a hobbyist mechanic, and I’ve never torn into an aircooled car before so I’m really clueless on most of this stuff.


Would appreciate any support or tips; if you see me doing something incorrectly, let me know! I see so many posts on here from people wanting to get ‘good’ at fixing cars, but the most important step is WILLINGNESS TO TRY.

I’ve never done this.

I have no experience with these cars.

Let’s do it!

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