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Affordable Piloti alternatives?

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Looking for some new shoes. Hoping maybe my fellow Opponaughts have some advice.

For context, the dress code at my office is business casual but being an orthopedic practice athletic shoes are allowed. My two-year-old Adidas running shoes that I wear at daily are getting tired. The tread is worn down and the textile upper is starting to fray. They’re not dead, but they’re getting beyond the point of acceptable work attire. Time for replacements.


Thanks to Petrolicious, Piloti’s range of driving footwear has been on my radar for a while. I love the aesthetic of their Pistone X and Superstrada (which seems to have been recently discontinued), but $160+ is simply out of my price range. Is anyone aware of an affordable alternative that offers a similar aesthetic at a more accessible price point?

And I’m not looking for driving shoes specifically, I just happen to like the way Piloti’s shoes look.

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