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After 10 years together I still think she's pretty

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I bought the G35x nearly 10 years ago. Did I think I’d own a single car for so long? No. Can I bear to let her go? No.


Do I want newer tech? Yes. Better fuel economy? Yes. More power? Always.

There have been some significant repairs in the past and I anticipate more in the future. Last year I had the front driver door replaced (the photo makes the newer paint quite obvious). Soon I’ll need to do the same for the front passenger one. The exhaust rusted through and had a midnight hour fix at a 24/7 garage where they welded a tube to connect the muffler and cat. Front brakes are sticking and probably need new calipers. The bolts holding the plastic undertray have rusted and I replaced them with zipties.


At a certain point doing so many repairs on a 14-year-old vehicle will become pointless. But that won’t stop me.

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