After Five Years, the $140,000 Maserati Quattroporte GTS is Now Under $40,000

Longer than an S-Class but weighing only 100lbs (45 kg) more than a C63 Coupe. The QP6 GTS debuted the Ferrari F154 V8, making 523 hp / 524 lb-ft of torque. Introduced with a top speed of 191 mph, it was the second fastest Maserati in history after the MC12 and the fastest production sedan on the planet (for a couple of months).


While going over these 2014 QPs, I am seeing that many of the flaws are now becoming strengths. The materials are proving to be more robust than expected while still coming across as premium at these lower price points. The driver seat leather — paying close attention to the bolsters and seat edge nearest the door — often do not depict the severe agony of heavily jeaned drivers rolling out of their cars. The wear in this area being a telltale sign of ownership as some cars are built expecting the soft caress of a buttocks in woven wool.

The steering wheel leather is, however, likely to be rough and discolored since that essential touch point is still very much made of high end leather. That withstanding (well, notwithstanding really), I haven’t noticed the wild, vapid build issues people project onto the badge in a majority of the used GP6s at the GTS level. This is amazing news! First year, completely new cars are always frightening from any brand, but especially as you move into the more exotic carmakes.


The well known sticky buttons situation which comes from the soft touch layers degrading away from the hard plastic switchgear — common on aging high end cars — doesn’t appear to be present due to the heavier duty, highly criticized Chrysler equipment being in place. I also haven’t seen any maintenance or reliability issues that aren’t in line with AMG, M, or V models.


I will advise that buyers be certain that all the recalls were done since there were new ones every three months until the recent facelift made it to market. I would say around 90% of those recalls used the word fire as a symptom rather than the standard emotive milestone of delivering authentic motorsport DNA to the consumer.


To sum up my feelings on sub-$40,000 Maserati Quattroporte GTS...*ackhem*

“Hnnngg! Gimme Masie, gimme Masie, gimme Masie, whooop!!”

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