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After looking at convertible Porsches for months, the NC Miata had become incredibly cheap.

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With the RS60 going in short supply now, I looked at a few other models like the 987.2 Spyder. Then iupsold myself to the 981 Spyder. So, I went from 30k to 90k. My wife who’s used to my fantasy car shopping antics gave me the ok, up until I almost bid on the rs60 which precipitated the serious convertible purchase discussion. We now have groundwork laid out for me to purchase one this summer and the freedom for me to spend more than I’d ever consider is weird. Akin to having time off after grad school, you think you’re forgetting something that’ll bite you in the keester, then reminding yourself that everything is ok.


With this newfound freedom, I realized that the 987.2 Boxster has the qualities I’m looking for. It’s light and playful, not as outright fast like the 981, but the more communicative steering and rawness reminds me of my first car. I had a very nice aw11 supercharged MR2. It was bliss and I’m looking for a similar feeling. My brother later purchased an sw20 turbo MR2 which while faster and more refined was less engaging. Analogous to the 981 and 987.2.

So just this evening I started looking at NC Miatas, just for shits and grins. Man they’re cheap, nowhere near as refined but definitely cheaper and then I’m reminded of the aftermarket. Near infinite possibilities. And the prices associated with the mods, way way cheaper. It appears that when my wife sets me free, I come back home.


I should probably test them again for steering feel, the Boxster S isn’t THAT much more...

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