I asked the questions below. As I’m in the greys there and Burneko, a heartless man, didn’t reply, I’ll ask it here.

Two cars first. The second one’s below, then the question comes after that.

So now I ask: what, then, is success? What is a win? If trying to make sense of the world and even giving up trying to is still part of the joke, if failure is the resolution and the bottomline, if every plan goes out of whack, what is the concept of success, achievement, and winning? What’s happening during Sebastian Vettel’s win in Singapore last year in a “only very nearly getting there” Ferrari Formula One car?

Surely, just like Usain Bolt winning the 200-meter run, that Coyote can finally have lunch and dinner and get a bus back to town (without said bus hitting him, of course) to feast on some more substantial food? And that not only he can, but he did, and he had?

Or... is success nothing more but an illusion? Is success, is victory, is a positive achievement, an illusion? I refuse to believe such, because there is a myriad of proof that success exists, and you have evidence in your life that success is real and leverages facets of your life.

Also... what’s a MacGuffin in the joke of life? Is success, is the goal of winning or leveling up, the MacGuffin?

If you reply there and happen to have star power even on The Concourse, wicked. If you reply here on this particular thread, excellent.