After serious contemplation, 4 focus groups, and 3 peer reviews

I have come up with the most important mad max, post-apocalyptic, societal collapse, etc. car modifications for such a scenario.

1) Black out switch for all lighting, except possibly gauge cluster, so that way you can’t be seen at night, particularly your brake lights. (Wanna keep them in. You never know when you’ll come across civilization and they’ll expect working brake lights.)


2) IR light bar and use one of those VR phone setups so you can see with your phones camera. Or if you can’t afford that, at least put some brake light tape on your headlights for T A C T I K O O L night driving.

(If you don’t know, redlight doesn’t travel as far as regular light YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. And it doesn’t ruin your night vision like white light.)

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